Vegan Diet

We offer a wide variety of products for those that follow a vegan diet at The Natural Health Center.

AOrganic Produce vegan diet is similar to a vegetarian diet in that it excludes meat and fish, but also excludes eggs, dairy products and all other foods derived from animals.

Shopping and eating out can be difficult for vegans because animal products are in so many foods. At the NHC we take great efforts to provide a wide variety of vegan friendly foods. We offer vegan meat analogues, vegan milk alternatives, vegan margarine, egg replacer, frozen meals, deserts, and so much more. We even carry vegan vitamins.

If you are a vegan in the Kalamazoo area, come in today to find some vegan friendly foods.

To learn more about a vegan lifestyle and to meet some like minded new friends be sure to check out They have some great events planned, and you’re invited! Whether you’re vegan, semi-vegan, vegetarian, or vegan-curious, please join us.