The NHC only carries organic produce.

Organic ProduceDid you know the NHC carries only Organic Produce?

Choosing organic is the right decision for both your health, and for the environment.  Organic produce does not undergo any chemical processing in either the growing process or in the harvesting process.  These foods contain no herbicides, pesticides or other toxins.  Only natural fertilizers or compost is used.

Some of the benefits of eating organic produce are that the fruits and veggies taste better and are better for you.  Organic farming places great importance on the nutrients found in the soil, which leads to a healthier and more nutritious product.  Research has demonstrated that organic foods are higher in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients due to the rich organic soil.

We do our best to carry local produce whenever possible.  We carry produce that is in season from local organic farms like Blue Dog Greens, Eater’s Guild and Good News Farm.  Carrying local produce helps to support local small farms and families and it is also better for the environment.  The foods do not have to travel from across the country or from the other side of the world to your home.  Instead, you are buying local food that is freshly harvested at its peak ripeness when it has the best taste and is full of nutrients.