Buyers Club

Guaranteed Savings With The BUYER’S CLUB

IMG_2247Save money every day at the Natural Health Center by joining our Buyer’s Club. Never pay retail again.

“The NHC Buyers Club started 18 years ago with a dream to help people buy natural groceries and supplements at very competitive prices.  Today we have over 1,000 satisfied members enjoying saving 20% at a minimum on everything in our store, even sale items!  We guarantee your savings, or we will refund the difference of your membership fee.   For example, last year N. Juhl (of Kalamazoo) saved $838.21 over his membership fee.”

  1. 30% OFF Country Life vitamins and herbs.
  2. 30% OFF Solaray vitamins and herbs.
  3. 25% OFF Mike’s Choice, Universal Formulas, Lifetime, Twin Labs, Blue Bonnett, Now, Kal and NHC vitamins and herbs.
  4. 20% OFF on all other vitamins and herbs.
  5. 20% OFF on all groceries, produce, skin care, body building, books and appliances.
  6. Quantity buying is not necessary – buy 1 or 100!
  7. Discounts apply to all red tag sale items.  Discounts do not apply to line drives or close-out merchandise.  SAVE UP TO 50% on many items.
  8. The cost is $107 per year, $60 for six months or$35 for three months, per household.  (Cash, check or credit card.)
  9. We guarantee you’ll save $107 per year, $60 for six months, $35 for three months or we will make up the difference.