February is Heart Health Month.

Diet, exercise, supplementation and a happy frame of mind are key factors that help maintain a healthy heart! According to the INTERHEART study, which examined cardiovascular risk factors in 51 countries, 9 out of the 10 strongest risk factors for heart disease are modifiable by changes in diet and lifestyle.

That’s pretty exciting news. Simple steps can lead to big changes in your overall heart health. Increasing Omega 3’s and eating less sugar can be helpful. Regular exercise, relaxation, and proper sleep are also key factors. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of supplements, like CoQ10. And most exciting, The Harvard School of Public Health looked at 200 previous studies that measured psychological traits, alongside health behaviors and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Happiness and optimism were both linked to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, with the most optimistic people having the greatest benefits! All Jarrow CoQ10 is on sale February!

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